The title of my diploma thesis is:

“Development of a signal processing system for a miniaturized Laser Doppler Anemometer”

The Task in the diploma thesis was the development of a digital signal processing system for an LDA. A Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA for short) is an optical measuring system for determining flow velocities. The development of the signal processing consists of three individual parts: development of the hardware, the control software and the development of FPGA circuits for signal analysis.

The hardware consists of the following circuit parts:

  • an amplifier circuit for avalanche photodiodes (APD) placed in the measuring head

  • A broadband amplifier stage (up to 35MHz), whose amplification can be freely adjusted via a microcontroller

  • A microcontroller controlled digital signal processing that uses an FPGA as a general purpose processing unit

  • and a power supply

Images of the developed hardware can be viewed using the navigation bar on the left.

The control software for the Fujitsu controller, which is used in digital signal processing, was also developed as part of the work. In addition to the actual control software, a program was also developed that tests the hardware of the DSV almost automatically using a specially developed FPGA circuit.

To verify the developed hardware, another FPGA circuit was developed that implements a simple algorithm for evaluating burst signals.

That’s all! :-)

If you are still not deterred, you are welcome to take a look at the diploma thesis (but is ist in german language only).

The diploma thesis was awarded the ZARM Advancement Award 2001. This award is given by the ZARM Förderverein e.V. for special study achievements in the fields of fluid mechanics, research under weightlessness, space travel, space research and space-related environmental technology.